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NCFM45AC Definitions


  1. NCFM is a legally recognized DBA for The Coalition of Free Men, Inc., hereafter NCFM. The National Coalition For Men, by which NCFM is commonly known, is another legal DBA.
  2. NCFM45AC” means National Coalition For Men 45th-year Anniversary Celebration
  3. Celebration” in any form, encompasses all events and activities of NCFM40AC shown on this website and no others.
  4. Venue means the Celebration event hotel and Celebration meeting areas in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, together our primary Celebration venue.
  5. Participant” means a Celebration registrant, Celebration presenter, NCFM volunteer, member of the media or press, Celebration contractor and anyone else associated with the Celebration in any capacity.
  6. Registrant” means that person or persons at the Celebration, in whatever capacity, at the request and with permission of NCFM or paid to be a the Conference, have checked-in, and received a badge permit.
  7. Attendee” is a participant, registrant or anyone with or without permission attending the Celebration, though attendance must be authorized by NCFM. Unauthorized attendees will be considered trespassers and may be criminally charged, if not arrested.

Please read the Policies.

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