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About NCFM

NCFM embarked in 1977 on a journey to help end harmful stereotypes and discrimination against men, boys, their families and the women who love them. In the following 45 years we – our members – have come and gone leaving behind significant changes making the world a better place for all of us. There is still much work to do.

We are a gender inclusive, volunteer organization dependent on individual donations/dues, family foundation/trust contributions and investments. We have members and activities throughout the USA and in several countries.

Our members have among other things:

  1. written bestselling books and thousands of articles,
  2. been interviewed thousands of times by mainstream media,
  3. helped develop support programs,
  4. helped tens of thousands of men and women with problems,
  5. distributed tens of thousands of brochures,
  6. staged numerous protest rallies and informational events,
  7. won high profile landmark court cases,
  8. lobbied for legislative reforms,
  9. facilitated like-minded organizations,
  10. testifies before the United Nations,
  11. and, reached as far as Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Georgia (the country), India, Kenya, , Mexico…

All those successes and many others paved the way for new activists to continue our efforts with less resistance and a higher probability of success, although we still have much work to do.

NCFM Victory in Federal Court for Selective Service Case ..

 Twelve US Senators defeated our efforts to require women to register for Selective Service.

To learn more watch NCFM Thank You, We’re Here Because of You, visit our website, or our Facebook page with 44,000 or more followers.

Please read the Definitions then the Policies.

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