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Harry Crouch

Harry Crouch – NCFM President

since 2006. In 2004, he launched the California Men’s Centers (now NCFMSD) to give various services for disaffected men, their families, and the women that love them.

Prior to that, he worked as a licensed real estate agent, business broker and regional manager for a large California based corporation. In Alaska, he co-owned and was Training Director of a vocational counseling and rehabilitation firm targeting hard-to-serve groups, most of whom were felons. Other than military service, his government experience includes serving as Assistant Ombudsman for the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA), Senior Administrative Officer/Independent Monitor for Employment and Training Programs MOA, and designing and implementing Alaska Pretrial Services (statewide) for the Alaska Court System.

Mr. Crouch co-founded the Children’s Rights Initiative for Sharing Parents Equally (CRISPE), which launched successful national campaigns. He worked in a team of community leaders to develop a nondenominational family violence education, information, and referral program, Safe Place Faith Communities. For several years he and NCFM were members of the San Diego Domestic Violence Council (SDDVC) with active participation in the SDDVC Men’s Leadership Forum, the latter of which has recently been meeting in NCFM’s conference room.  He co-founded and/or serves(d) on the board of directors of several other nonprofit organizations as well, including organizations for Veterans, the San Diego Children’s Coalition and the San Diego Arts Foundation. Mr. Crouch has written many articles published in various regional and national venues and has been interviewed by mainstream radio and television shows.


Richard Haddad, NCFM Founding Member

Richard Haddad was one of the co-founders of Free Men in 1977 and was the organization’s first Executive Director. For several years he also edited and published American Man, a periodical devoted to a serious exploration of the male gender role and the male experience. He has written extensively on men’s issues, and his work has been published in newspapers and periodicals, on websites, and in anthologies. Now retired, over the span of his 48-year career Richard managed support services functions for organizations in several industries. He is married and has five children.


Dr. Warren Farrell, NCFM Adviser and Award Winner

is considered the most articulate and best known spokesman for the men’s movement, and is also the only man elected three times to the Board of the National Organization for Women in NYC.

Dr. Farrell’s books on men and women’s issues are published in more than 50 countries, in 17 languages. His The Myth of Male Power is featured in The Red Pill movie as the equivalent of the Matrix’s red pill, opening readers’ eyes to men’s issues, thus inspiring the modern men’s movement.

Dr. Farrell’s criterion for writing a book is that he has something to contribute that is currently absent from the public consciousness. This led the Financial Times to choose him as one of the world’s top 100 Thought Leaders. His books include the best-seller, Why Men Are the Way They Are, plus Father and Child Reunion and Why Men Earn More. His The Boy Crisis (with John Gray) to be published in January, is able to be purchased on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Boy-Crisis-Whats-Happening-About-ebook/dp/B01N4UAA8I).

Warren has appeared on over 1000 TV shows, and been interviewed by Oprah, Barbara Walters, Peter Jennings, Larry King, and Charlie Rose. He has two daughters, lives with his wife in Mill Valley, California, and virtually at www.warrenfarrell.com.


Cassie Jaye, Documentarian Par Excellence

NCFM favorite film producer, Cassie is the director of The Red Pill Movie, the award-winning documentary that has highlighted a variety of issues faced by men and boys, challenging mainstream assumptions about sex and power. The Red Pill will be shown at the event, followed by a Q & A with Cassie and several of the movie’s cast members.

NOTE: If possible there will be a showing of  The Red Pill on Thursday or Friday evening, followed by a question and answer period with producer Cassie Jaye and several activists in the documentary. If you have not seen the Red Pill we strongly recommend that you watch it before attending NCFM40AC. It’s available at The Red Pill,  Amazon, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, and elsewhere.


Karen Straughan, NCFM Award Winner

is also known as Girl Writes What, writer, videographer and mother of boys, widely recognized as one of the most outstanding, provocative, and intelligent female advocates in the men’s rights movement. She is also one of the founding members of the Honey Badger Brigade.


Marc Angelucci, Esq., NCFM Vice-President 

is the founder of the NCFM Los Angeles Chapter and  attorney who teaches Family Law. Marc, in association with NCFM, takes on high profile discrimination against men.

In 2008 he won a landmark appellate case against the State of California (Woods v. Horton) which held it is unconstitutional to exclude male victims of domestic violence from state funding for victim services. He also helped draft and enact legislation to stop paternity fraud, served on the California DCSS Paternity Committee, served on the Training Committee of the L.A. County Domestic Violence Council, and testified before the California Senate and Assembly Judiciary committees.

Marc has appeared on the Dr. Phil Show, Phil Donahue, John and Ken and other radio and media, has been quoted numerous times in the the Daily Journal and other newspapers and has published op-eds in the L.A. Times and elsewhere on men’s issues.

He has a J.D. from U.C.L.A. School of Law and a B.A. in Philisophy from U.C. Berkeley.  He is an Honoree of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Wall of Tolerance for his non-profit work in mental health and homeless advocacy.


Julie Brand, NCFM Adviser, Public Speaker and Sexual Abuse Survivor

is an expert on female-child sexual abuse, expert witness and highly sought after conference speaker, author, and survivor of mother-daughter sexual abuse. She recognized that we are reluctant to acknowledge that females ever sexually molest children, a horrific crime under-recognized, under-researched and under-reported and female perpetrators most frequently choose male victims.

Julie holds a Master’s degree in Counseling; enjoyed a distinguished 25-year career as a school counselor and owns Caper Consulting. Now she uses her dual perspective as a counselor and as a survivor of maternal incest to write and to speak about female-child sexual abuse. Her upbeat and fact based presentations also focus on the power of resiliency and healing in all of our lives.


J. Steven Svoboda, Esq., NCFM Public Relations Director and Board Member 

is NCFM’s senior board member (since 1996), historian, and book reviewer.

Steven has published well over 200 book reviews relating to men, boys, and gender. For eight years, he wrote a column for Everyman Magazine titled, “Gender, Law, and Society,” which he renamed after his first child’s birth, “Gender, Law, and Fatherhood.” He is co-author, with Warren Farrell and James Sterba, of the gender studies textbook, “Does Feminism Discriminate Against Men?” (Oxford University Press, 2007), which for a period was the Amazon number one seller in its category.

Mr. Svoboda is the founder and Executive Director of Attorneys for the Rights of the Child, in which capacity he educates, publishes a newsletter, and writes peer review and popular articles about genital integrity and human rights issues, especially opposing male circumcision.  In 2001, he presented oral and written declarations to the United Nations, the latter being the first and only known official UN document centrally focusing on male circumcision as a human rights violation.  In October 2013, he presented on the legality and pediatric ethics of male circumcision on an otherwise all-physician panel at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.

His presentation convinced two physicians on the panel of speakers to switch their positions to opposing circumcision. Also his paper from the event was published in 2016 in the Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics. As of July 2017, a release of video from the conference is coming shortly.


national coalition for men

Fred Hayward, NCFM 40-year Member and Award Winner

In 1976, Fred Hayward decided that men’s issues were important, that feminism was misrepresenting the male reality, that there needed to be a truly anti-sexist men’s movement, and that his mission should be to create one. In 1977, he formed Men’s Rights, Inc. and began working full-time on that mission.

As part of his work, he taught what was probably the first university course on men’s rights issues (Tufts University), appeared on hundreds of talk shows, published dozens of articles, and spoke at numerous of conferences and universities.

In 1979, fate connected him with Richard Haddad, the prime founder of Free Men. A close friendship between the two men, and a close working relationship between the two organizations, immediately ensued. In fact, Fred formed and led the Boston chapter of what became the National Coalition of Free Men.


Jennifer Norris, NCFM Member Activist

is a Military Justice Policy Analyst. She holds a MA in Public Policy and Management and a BA in Social Work and Criminal Justice. She served in the US Air Force and worked as a satellite communications maintenance technician for Combat Communication Squadrons. She was involuntarily retired in 2010 after fifteen years of service due to a PTSD diagnosis. Given her unique experience working in a mentally and physically demanding, male-dominated career field and a marriage to a fellow service member, Jennifer draws on their experiences to make positive changes for all service members. Jennifer has dedicated her life to analyzing the legal issues that negatively impact service members and their families in an effort to strengthen due process protections and save lives. www.militaryjusticeforall.com

Tim Goldich, President of the NCFM Chicago Chapter and National Board Member

is a technical writer by trade. He has also written four books on the subject of gender. The first—Loving Men, Respecting Women: The Future of Gender Politics—is newly published and available on Amazon.com (paperback and kindle). Goldich does public speaking around men’s issues and has produced a number of YouTube videos on the subject. He is the president of the Chicago chapter of NCFM and an avid member of the ManKind Project, two organizations that variously support men politically and emotionally. He is also an educator and mentor to boys on their way to becoming men. Finally, Goldich facilitates the personal growth work of men on New Warrior Training Adventure Weekends and of men and women Path To Spirit personal growth weekends.


Gregory J. Josefchuk, President of the NCFM Carolinas’ Chapter and National Board Member

leads NCFM’s fight to restore due process rights for college students and a champion in rescinding many of the troubling and flawed policies issued by the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights through their infamous “2011 Dear Colleague Letter”. As a recognized expert in the area of institutional bias associated with the adjudication of Title IX cases, Greg has been invited to provide written testimony to Congress. He is an active partner of the Campus Justice Coalition and a member of the National Association of Scholars (NAS).

Greg has broad experience in community based activism and has served as board director, officer or member of over a half-dozen nonprofit organizations. He belongs to the fraternal order of the Knights of Columbus and serves on the Respect Life committee at his church . He is a strong supporter of men’s rights especially in regard to advocating for due process and fair treatment for accused students dealing with Title IX sexual misconduct university disciplinary cases. The NCFM Carolinas website that he developed is widely viewed as the pre-eminent website for accused college students dealing with false accusations of sexual misconduct. A political science major, Greg earned a B.S. Degree from Northern Illinois University. He is blessed with a loving, supportive and courageous wife of over thirty years and is the proud father to three very talented sons.


Kit Martin, NCFM Member Activist

served 30 years in the Army a Calvary Scout, Ranger, Signal Officer, Master Aviator and Apache Helicopter Pilot Battalion Commander with three Bronze Stars, an Air Medal, and Combat Action Badge while serving in Iraq. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Master’s Degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from United States Naval War College.

When he tried to separate himself from an abusive, bigamist, adulterous, lying, con-artist spouse she threatened to destroy him.  Over the next 18-months, she made outlandish, fanciful and false claims of abuse, spying, child abuse, sexual assault and spousal rape. She succeeded in destroying Kit’s career, stood to gain hundreds of thousands of dollars and benefits from the military and implicated him in a still unsolved triple homicide.

Numerous investigative agencies cleared him of any wrongdoing, including passing an extensive polygraph. Regardless, politically driven prosecutors and commanders forced courts-martial that could have resulted in a 58-year sentence at Ft. Levenworth.

After discovering his treatment was typical throughout the military, he became an advocate for raising awareness and restoring due process in the military and elsewhere.  He joined the National Coalition For Men, is founding member and board member of the Save Our Heroes Project and board member of NCFMCarolinas.

Laura Spencer, NCFM Member Activist

is Kit Martin fiancé and witnessed his persecution. She is an army widow who spent 15-years standing by Army and her husband through his three combat deployments. Laura works as a registered nurse and nurse educator with a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education.





Michael ConzachiMichael Conzachi, NCFM Adviser and Award Winner

served in the United States Army in the famous 82nd Airborne Division.  Subsequently and During his 28 year law enforcement career, he worked in surveillance, undercover, gang prevention, robbery-homicide, narcotics, and a major narcotic task force involving large drug seizures in Los Angeles county; also, as a Tactical Officer and Physical Fitness Instructor. He retired from law enforcement in 2006 after being seriously injured by a drunk driver. He now works as a private investigator.

He has received over 100 commendations and awards, including a Distinguished Service Medal. In the past few years he has devoted thousands of volunteer hours helping NCFM, Save Our Heroes, the Domestic Violence Legislative Project for Stop Abusive & Violent Environments and people in need who contact those organizations.

Michael became an activist after his personal experience with the family court system, which came close to destroying him and alienating him from his children. Subsequently, he authored California restraining order reform legislation. He became an expert in parental alienation and on the Board of Directors for the International Support Network for Alienated Families (ISNAF), and lobbied the American Psychiatric Association to include a parental alienation dynamic in the most recent edition of the DSM-V.

He is affectionately known as “Saint Michael” to those who he has helped save.


national coalition for menVladek Filler, Activist

is known for his precedent setting legal battles which helped end a modern day witch-hunt of countless falsely accused men prosecuted in Ellsworth, Maine.

Vladek graduated Babson College where he earned a degree in business and accounting before starting his own small business.  His life changed dramatically when he decided to leave his wife and relocate with his children only to be falsely accused and maliciously prosecuted.  He fought and won sole custody of his children, won full exoneration, and helped set new legal precedents.

His bar complaint against prosecutor Mary Kellett became the first in Maine history to cause the discipline of a prosecutor for misconduct and civil rights violations.  His federal civil rights complaint overcame claims of absolute prosecutorial immunity in both the U.S. District Court and the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals.

Vladek’s legal saga has been the subject of extensive media coverage and men’s human rights activism.  He appeared in Cassie Jaye’s 2016 movie The Red Pill and his legal efforts and personal sacrifices help countless individuals.

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